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Natural sophistication in new IHC brochure

What would you call the colourful butterfly on the cover of our new brochure, but ‘natural wonder’? Its range spans Africa, Asia and Europe, as this migrating butterfly is capable of travelling for thousands of kilometres. So do our wood products: they take a journey from the tropics, where our products are sourced, to enhance the quality of where we live, work and play.

Choose the planet’s most renewable material, enriched with the natural properties of African hardwood.  From doors to flooring, from furniture to terraces: add accent and colour to your ideas. Infuse well-being into your interior/exterior projects.

Our products are responsibly-sourced, sustainable, eco-friendly. Engineered to satisfy demanding needs. Tailored to your needs.  

Wood products in African timber all have their special characteristics. So bring on your project ideas and let our professional sales team bring them to life.

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