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Listen to 'Halte à la corruption' (Stop corruption)


‘As an artist, I told myself that I had to make my modest contribution for the good of the country. Aside from criticizing, it is necessary to bring solutions. That’s what really matters’.

‘Rufin’ Goleba Ossebi External Relations Officer, IFO 

On 3 February 2012, Mr Goleba Ossebi (right), IFO External Relations officer, won the first prize at a national music contest organized by the National Commission against Corruption, Bribery and Fraud. Also known as ‘Rufin Hodjar’, his stage name, Mr Ossebi is an appreciated musician on the Congolese music scene, bridging tradition and modernity. 
In his songs, Mr Ossebi uniquely mixes salsa and rumba with other rhythms, to bring attention to topics that he feels strongly about, such as pollution and the environment, the distinctive character of African countries and the need to connect Africa with the world.